A wonderful life and simple too!

Hello friends, fellow veggies, curious omnivores, and all you other folks!
I decided to start a blog surrounding my life as a vegetarian: the road to becoming a vegetarian, the transition, my favorite recipes, restaurants, and easy ways to convert your favorite recipes too! And whatever else I want, since it is my blog and all 😉

I became a vegetarian a little over two years ago after taking a class called “Animal Ethics” that focused on various aspects of eating animals, having them as pets, and other such things. It literally changed my life. It forced me to confront things that I had been ignoring in my omnivorous, and extremely carnivorous, lifestyle. I went cold turkey (ha. ha.) after a particularly enlightening day, and have never looked back! While I’ll try not to soapbox, this is a blog about living a wonderful vegetarian life, and part of that is why it’s a viable (and good!) choice, how it’s so easy, and how it can be wonderful.

Enough about me, lets get to a recipe. Tonight I’m having one of my favorite quick and easy, and delicious, dinners:
Baked Brie with Apple and Red Bell Pepper Slices
1 small Brie round or log (use your fave!)
1 apple (a sweeter type like Gala)
1 Red Bell Pepper (Orange and Yellow are great too)
Optional: Toast

1) Pre-heat oven to 300 degrees, unwrap Brie and place in oven safe dish. I have this handy Brie baker my mom gave me :). Bake for 15 minutes
2) while that is baking, slice the apple and bell pepper into thin slices/strips
3) place on a plate, pull out the Brie and enjoy! How I go about it, I take a slice of apple, pile on some Brie, then add a strip of bell pepper and take a bite! Or shove the whole yummy mess in my mouth (insert juvenile witticism here)
Optional: do how I do but put the whole thing on a strip of toast


Oh, and everything goes with a nice red wine, in a nice big glass 😉 This one here is the 2008 Organic Arts and Crafts Red from Ojai’s Casa Barranca

Thanks for stopping by and happy eating!!


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