One comment I have heard is that after a vegetarian meal, many people feel unsatisfied. I too, have experienced this feeling. The conclusion I have come to is that that feeling doesn’t come from a lack of meat in the meal, but rather a lack of balance and completeness of the meal. The most satisfactory meals I eat have a carb, protein, and some sort of veggie.

Besides completeness in a recipe, I love having the ability to play with the preparation. The following recipe consists of a ‘carb’, asparagus, and eggs. My favorite ‘carb’ to use is quinoa, as it has a high protein content, but you can use rice or pasta. The methods for preparing the asparagus can vary as well, roasting, quick boiling, pan frying/grilling, or creamy asparagus bake. And of course, use your favorite preparation of eggs! Below is my favorite version 🙂

N.B. Before you do anything with asparagus, take one spear from the bunch, hold at each end and bend till it snaps – you could call it “the bend and snap” a la “Legally Blonde.” Line up the top of the broken spear with the rest in the bunch and cut off the bottoms of the rest.

Egg and Asparagus Satisfaction
Ingredients: (for two)
1 bunch Asparagus
2-4 eggs (depending on your appetite)
2 servings quinoa (rice, whatever)

1) Prepare quinoa according to package, I use my way cool Zojirushi rice cooker (it plays a happy tune when it’s done!)
2) Prepare your asparagus:
A) Boil a medium pot of water, add the asparagus for 4 minutes and remove
B) Pre-heat oven to 350, cut asparagus into 1-inch pieces, add to small baking dish, cover in a small amount of ranch dressing or Alfredo sauce, and bake fir 12 minutes
3) Prepare eggs: I love poached eggs. Boil a small pot of water, or use the water from the asparagus, reduce to a simmer, crack an egg into a bowl or ladle and add to the center and let cook. I say for 3 minutes for a delicious runny yolk, but find your perfect time
4) Plate all three ingredients, cut up, mix about, and devour to your satisfaction!


I enjoyed this meal with a smoky, “meaty”, almost chewy Syrah from Ojai Vineyards. Mmmmmm


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