More Quinoa!!

As I head in to this weekend I wanted to leave you all non-cleansers with another quinoa tip, since us cleansers are entering the intensive 3-day broth only detox! So, this suggestion is brought to you by a good friend of mine from Louisiana! We’ll call her Nola, she’s not from NOLA but I did do Mardi Gras with her 🙂

Her genius brain suggested putting a spoonful of pesto or some chopped basil, garlic and evoo into the quinoa. Brilliant!!! Then she further blew my mind by saying add a little Greek yogurt for a creamy variation when one is not cleansing. DUH! why didn’t I think of that??

I tried it, it was simply divine. I can’t wait to try it with some Greek yogurt after the cleanse!

Thanks, Nola!!


Below is pictured my favorite quinoa prep by far, again, many thanks to Nola for this one!
1) prepare 1/2 cup quinoa in 1 cup boiling veg stock
2) add 1-2 tblsp pesto
3) add 2 ish tblsp plain greek yogurt
4) stir to combine
5) top with poached egg and fresh ground pepper

Holy smokes, this is seriously good. As ever, happy eating!



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