Grilled Peaches

Tonight I am breaking my 3 day broth intensive detox phase of my wellness cleanse! I have been seriously craving something sweet and a woman in my cleanse group suggested grilling up some peaches with olive oil and cinnamon! YUM. I am not a fruit expert and am inherently a cautious and picky eater so I was skeptical. But I needed a sweet fix, took a shot, and it paid off!

Grilled Peaches
Olive oil

1) heat up either your grill or grill pan and drizzle with olive oil
2) I peeled my peaches, but do what you’re comfortable with, then halved them, dug out the stone (seed, pit) and the hard red stuff, then sliced them into discs
3) place them on the grill(pan), drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with cinnamon for 3 minutes
4) flip them, sprinkle some more cinnamon, let them grill 3 more minutes and serve!


These were SO good, but I can only imagine what the addition of some honey, or brown sugar, a little creme fraiche/mascarpone, or vanilla ice cream/fro yo. To. Die. For. I never thought I’d like “cooked” fruit, but man, I need to do some more tasting of things like cobbler or even branch out from my preferred pecan pie!

Enjoy everyone 🙂



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