The cleanse is over! Now what?

Well hello everyone! I am back from my cleansing semi-hiatus and armed with information, tips, and a new approach to food and cooking! The last few days of the cleanse we focus on testing foods back in to our diet to see how it affects our bodies – positively or negatively. So far I’ve tested cheese (neutral/positive – hallelujah!), wine (neutral – hooray!), coffee (a little frenetic with extra energy, so coffee may be a treat, not an everyday), and gluten (a big FAT negative!). My reaction to gluten surprised me so much! I’ve been eating it my whole life, but ditch it for 20 days and holy moly did my body let me know it’s a no go. While there are a TON of gluten free options for bread (brown rice bread from TJ’s, yum!), pasta (quinoa or brown rice), and pizza, Smash pointed out that what delicious beverage has gluten? Beer! Terribly sad, but beer makes one bloated and is highly caloric, so maybe it’s a blessing in disguise.

Through the program I was introduced to some alternative practitioners and the owner of Suzie’s Farms in San Diego, an organic farm that participates in a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program – you sign up and each week you get a box of farm fresh, organic produce from just 12 miles away! I’d love to participate but I’m still debating – anyone interested in sharing a box?? I also have started seeing Dr. Michele Ross, a chiropractor and acupuncture practitioner. She’s wonder, if you’d like to know more check out her website, Dr. Ross

All in all, I HIGHLY recommend doing a cleanse – be it on your own, with a group, or at CorePower. Especially at CorePower with Meredith (, she is totally amazing! For the future of my blog be ready for some (mostly) healthy, whole food type, gluten-free(ish) recipes!

Now to the food!! I’m missing the picture but wow I stumbled upon a delicious dressing recipe for salads, tacos, pretty much everything!

Jalapeño Shallot Vinegarette
1 jalapeño, seeded
1 small/medium shallot
2 ish tablespoons rice wine vinegar
Splash of evoo
Salt and pepper to taste (easy on the salt folks!!)
Options: add cilantro, basil, oregano, cumin, garlic, whatever!

1) combine all in a food processor
2) pulse until finely chopped
3) serve!

Easy, delicately balanced sweet and heat! Enjoy 🙂 Post what you’ve dressed with it!


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