The Hunger Games Part II

Since The Hunger Games is a trilogy, I thought I’d do my own trilogy of foods from the books. As the book progresses Katniss is exposed to the utter decadence of the Capitol of Panem. And the utter disconnect of the Capitol from the Districts that support their lifestyle and provide the “entertainment” that so […]

A Weekend Of Beverages In Pasadena

Happy Monday! Or that’s what I tell myself as I attempt to banish my case of the Mondays (while listening to Michael Bolton… Office Space anyone?!?) reminiscing about my weekend while sipping a hot “Best Drink Ever” from Better Buzz in Pacific Beach. I believe it’s an Americano with vanilla powder whisked in until it […]

Cruciferous Veggies Are Good For You!

Cruciferous veggies are those like cauliflower, broccoli, and kale. Anything with curly features. They’re packed with nutrients and minerals, check out what WebMD has to say.. They can also be delicious! I took the cauliflower plunge and made roasted cauliflower enchiladas based on my previous enchilada recipe. YUM. Even picky eaters (*cough* Mr. London *cough*) […]