A Weekend Of Beverages In Pasadena

Happy Monday! Or that’s what I tell myself as I attempt to banish my case of the Mondays (while listening to Michael Bolton… Office Space anyone?!?) reminiscing about my weekend while sipping a hot “Best Drink Ever” from Better Buzz in Pacific Beach. I believe it’s an Americano with vanilla powder whisked in until it tastes like heaven, try it.

This weekend Smash and I road tripped to various destinations in the Pasadena area – Smash to family gatherings, me to my second family to help Spanky and her new hubby move and visit with Yogini McVet before she started school for veterinary medicine today!! She is a great friend from my major in college and we studied abroad in some amazing places together as well as developed on obsession with CorePower yoga. She is also responsible for my illicit adoption of my cat Flower, to have in an apartment where cats were not previously allowed. They’re allowed now 😉


(well, not responsible per se, that was all me, but she was my link to the vets office that had a litter of kittens in need of good homes!)

So food choices thus weekend were amazing, but I’m writing this post about the beverages, because they were outstanding! Saturday morning the moving crew trooped over to Spanky’s workplace, Coffee Klatch, for some caffeine to pump us up for some heavy lifting! I had a yummy creme brûlée latte complete with latte art!


Then we moved furiously from the little apartment to the WAY COOL condo-thing with a YARD (I see a dog in their future) until mid-afternoon when we took a Tijuana tacos and boba tea break. I am anew convert to mini-boba. Boba is a tapioca ball added to teas, coffee, smoothies etc. It’s like having gummy bears in your drink. I can’t deal with the big boba, but mini-boba in an almond milk tea?!? Life changing. I think the place we went in Pomona was previously called Lollicup, but I don’t know what it’s new name was, but check out Lollicup’s website.

After lunch, I left the moving crew to go hang out with Yogini McVet in her new (HUGE) apartment. We split a bottle of wine (a fine wine by Charles Shaw… Hey, we’re on a budget!) then meandered around downtown Pasadena, ate at a wonderful little pizza place, and then went to POP Champagne Bar to use a Living Social coupon I had. I had had a previous snaffoo involving POP and Emily’s bachelorette and I’m still a little bitter, but this visit did somewhat ameliorate my bad feelings. Anyway, Yogini McVet and I both ordered the “Sweeter Bubbles” dessert champagne flight (pictured) followed by a Bellini (champagne and peach purée) for McVet and an Almond Joy (almond syrup and champagne) for yours truly. I can’t remember what the champagne’s were in the flight other than the middle one was a French rose and the last was a moscato champagne – whatever they were called, they were fabulous 🙂


So, those were my adventures in beverages this weekend, take the time to explore some fun beverage options on your vacations and in your neighborhood! Happy imbibing, my friends


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