The Hunger Games Part I

Hello Everyone! So, a new feature on my blog is going to include recipes inspired by books I’ve read recently or in the past, accompanied by a book review and a link to my favorite book store, Mysterious Galaxy, where you can purchase the book in paperback, hardback, and even electronic formats 🙂 SO my first review is for the Hunger Games trilogy. Food imagery plays a huge part of all three books: the meager pickings in the Districts, the decadence in the Capitol, the controlled portions of bland food in the (supposed…) District 13. In the beginning of The Hunger Games, the leading lady Katniss and her best friend Gale share a simple meal of fresh bread from the local baker (his son plays quite the roll in these books!) and goat cheese with herbs (basil leaves) that Katniss’ little sister, Prim, gave her as a gift to lighten the mood of the extra creepy Reaping Day – the day where children are chosen to participate in the Hunger Games, a 74 year old custom forced upon the working Districts by the Capitol. I hate when book reviews give away too much! All I can say is that these books may be classified as young adult fiction, but as an experienced reader with a college minor in English, I can say they are extremely well written and very consuming. The characters work their way into your mind and heart in this gut and heart-wrenching tale of post-apocalyptic type war North America.

he Hunger Games

What struck me about the shared meal of simple herbed cheese and bread was how satisfied the characters were and the interactions that brought about the meal: the kindness of Prim, the trade of illegally hunted but fairly caught game for the fresh bread from the kind baker, the simple joy Gale and Katniss experience sitting and eating the meal together. So for the ‘recipe’ below, I took inspiration and made a Hunger Games (pre-Games) Platter – sort of a Hunger Games caprese…

Hunger Games (pre-Games) Platter
1/4 log goat cheese – feel free to buy herbed goat cheese!
basil leaves or any herbs to taste
Fresh Dutch crunch bread
Stuffed olives

1) toast bread
2) slather with goat cheese while the bread is warm so the goat cheese melts a bit
3) top with a basil leaf, or mince your herbs and combine with the goat cheese like I did
4) add some brined stuffed olives

Enjoy! Simple, yes, but totally delicious 🙂 May the odds be ever in your favor!


Stay tuned for the elaborate dishes of the capitol for parts two and three!


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