Avo And Quinoa Breakfast

Oh heeeeeeey blog land and veggie friends! I’m stopping in for a quick hello and an easy and yummy breakfast I had Sunday morning packed with protein and some healthy fats 🙂

Avo And Quinoa Breakfast
Ingredients for one:
1 egg
1 serving quinoa (1/3 cup)
1/2 avocado
Lime wedge
Favorite salsa to taste
Pepper and salt to taste (easy on the salt though!!)

1) prepare quinoa in veggie stock
2) poach the egg while the quinoa cooks to your favorite yolk consistency (I make a 3 minute egg – very runny yolk!)
3) while those are happening, halve your avocado, while in the skin you can dice it by making cross-hatches, squeeze the lime wedge and add some s/p (store the other half with the lime in a ziplock, it’s magic)
4) plate/bowl quinoa, avo, salsa, egg, fresh ground pepper!
5) enjoy! Perhaps with a nice Mexican cerveza?? It was Sunday after all 😉



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