Good Morning! Or at least it was a good morning started off with just a little somethin’. I was out with the ladies of YogaTrip this weekend and naturally the subject of food and how we all need to eat or we turn into raging T-Rexes. This led to the breakfast discussion and conclusion: you must eat breakfast to kick start your metabolism! Consume a few calories in order to burn a lot more. I know this to be true, and yet I often struggle with eating breakfast for various reasons: morning time crunch (sleep 5 more minutes or eat?!?), uninspired breakfast options, or I’m just plain old not hungry and possibly a little nauseous. Sound familiar? Sound totally opposite? Either way, check this out for a totally easy, satisfying morning.

1) Get up, start brushing teeth, turn on electric or standard tea kettle or coffee pot (while I’m a functioning caffeine addict, I acknowledge the benefits caffeine free), try a mint or ginger tea to settle morning stomach, finish brushing teeth and bathroom routine. 2) Put tea on to steep or coffee to filter, get dressed, pop in a slice of toast, do hair/make-up, put beverage in travel mug.
3) pack bag, slather toast with coconut oil for a very slightly sweet yet savory toast experience.
4) out the door, drink in hand, toast in mouth, bag on shoulder and don’t forget to pet the cat and lock the door!

Insert your favorite image of toast here because really, I didn’t take a picture of my toast…

Enjoy Foodies on the run!!


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