Tadasana Festival

Hello, everyone! I’m so sorry for my absence, I have been VERY under the weather thanks to the constant AC at my office pumping around germs. So, unless smoothies, ginger ale (soda. I know SO BAD, but desperate times call for desperate measures), and saltines are what you were looking for, there was no good cooking this week. Anyway, more on supplements and sickness next week.

TADASANA FESTIVAL!!! I wanted to pass the info along to all of you! Tadasana Festival is happening April 20-22 in Santa Monica. It’s a three day festival packed with yoga (including Baron Baptiste, Seane Corn, and Shiva Rea), music (MC Yogi etc), and speakers (Steve Ross! Wrote happy yoga). Check out the website http://www.tadasanafestival.com/

I’m assuming it’s a little similar to Wanderlust just a little bit closer. It looks pretty cool!

Also I’m an ambassador for the festival and have a code that gets you $50 off your 3-day festival ticket 🙂 the code is borchard1, pass it along to all your yogi friends and people who like festivals!

Light and love



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