Easing Symptoms Versus Healing Your Body

A very belated Bon jour to everyone! My sincere apologies for my neglect of my blog recently. I’ve been sick, in school, at work, and eating recipes I’ve already posted! Blah blah blah, right?

Anyway, being sick sucks, obviously. Taking sick days off of work in which you blow your nose bloody while attempting to ignore the fever dreams and a nagging cat is enough to drive a girl crazy! So, what does one do? WATER!! Our body needs water for every chemical reaction and all transportation of nutrients, antibodies (sickness fighters), and all good (and bad) stuff. No fluid = no getting better. Hot tea is good too, and, when you’re desperate, some ginger ale. But really, water is the answer.

Ok, water so your body can work to get better, now what? Supplement the shit out of your diet. When we are not at optimal health, our capacity to utilize helpful vitamins and minerals can double or even triple! It’s impossible to get all the nutrients you need by eating food – one pre-1950’s carrot had the nutrients of THIRTY 2012 carrots! Soil and air quality have taken their toll. Vitamin C is the always the go to, take it! But also try ACES and Zinc. That is the bomb diggity – Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Selenium, and Zinc. While pharma meds like decongestants and pain relievers ease symptoms, they don’t help your body get better. In fact, they allow you to continue to push your body when it’s screaming out for rest! The essential vitamins and nutrients (and water), actually help your body to fight the sickness, not cover up the symptoms.

Eating is also important. Your body needs energy to function and fight, which comes from the calories in food (surprise!). What you eat needs to be clean, whole foods so you’re not stressing out your system with highly processed or sugary foods. Help yourself here! Also, while I LOVE cheese, I acknowledge it is not awesome for you, and when you’re sick, just ditch the dairy. It increases mucous production. Gross.

Water. Hot liquids. Whole foods – soup! Yes! Double supportive vitamin intake. Juice/smoothies. And if you just can’t take it, a decongestant or pain reliever here or there. Viola.

Yes, you’ll be a bunny ready for the 2012 Olympics. Huzah!


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