Cleansing Day Two… Let the games begin

So we’ve made it through day 1, now the real battle begins as the caffeine withdrawal sets in. Yes, withdrawal, as in from a drug. Caffeine is a drug so many of us are addicted to and dependent on, whenever I cleanse I always feel a little annoyed that caffeine has such power over my body. I always decide to kick caffeine forever, then I have long night or early morning and it’s back on the caffeine train. I think it’s good to take these little breaks to assess what you put in your body and decide what you want to keep!

All my girls are doing AWESOME, dedicated to their cleanse, journaling, and keeping me posted on EVERYTHING they eat! Including pictures. So here is a little taste of what these women are eating:
Start at the store:

Oatmeal with almonds and berries!

Veggie scramble:

Veggie fried rice!!!!


Such amazing and tasty food choices 🙂


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