Cleansing week 1 down, Fasting day 2

For first time cleansers, the first week seems crazy hard. Then you start the three day juice/broth fast and you realize, wow clean eating is a piece of cake compared to this! Talk about mind over matter. The three day fast is a concrete example of will power and dedication, above and beyond just eating clean and healthy.

Why fast for three days? It allows your system to slow down, heal, and hits the reset/restart button on your digestive and detoxification processes. It’s three days of intensive detox that requires you to be constantly hydrating and listening intently to what your body is saying. If you need to hibernate for three days – do it! Take a break from external physical activity and allow some internal work out, some mental yoga.

If it all seems toooo overwhelming, sate your chewing addiction (yep, chewing sends messages to our brain that we’re eating and getting full), by having some melon or cucumber – anything really watery and not very fibrous.

I can’t emphasize rest and hydration enough during this portion of the cleanse. And when you do go back to clean eating, don’t pig out. Start with a small meal, then more later so you don’t shock your system

Need more inspiration? Check out “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead,” a movie about some serious juice fasting and the amazing results. Available on Amazon and Netflix Watch Instantly!

Keep on keepin’ on, cleansers.

The dude abides.



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