Fried Rice: quick and easy

Holy over-booked schedule, Batman!! Have I even eaten in the past two weeks? I have no idea. Between work, disliking work, liking work, thinking about moving, taking yoga, teaching yoga, preparing for the departure of a dear friend, then going to Santa Monica for Tadasana Festival with yogis and staying with some of my best […]

Cleansing done, let's party!

Congratulations to my dear yogis for completing their cleanse journey! They did a wonderful job and really took away the core goal of the cleanse: conscious eating. I believe the majority of the battle with food is that a lot of people mindlessly eat things “because I’ve always eaten them” or “that’s the way mom […]

Love and Support

I think I’ve said it before, I’ve definitely thought it, so if you haven’t heard it here it is: love and support are the salt and pepper of life. Pretty much every recipe calls for salt and pepper to taste: salt for enhancement and preservation (we all need a little!); pepper to kick things up […]