Love and Support

I think I’ve said it before, I’ve definitely thought it, so if you haven’t heard it here it is: love and support are the salt and pepper of life. Pretty much every recipe calls for salt and pepper to taste: salt for enhancement and preservation (we all need a little!); pepper to kick things up a notch and balance your flavors. Any life endeavor is basically a recipe: you have an idea, your formulate a plan, you follow through, taste it, tweak it. This weekend seriously cemented this for me.

I spent the weekend at an amazing beach house with my oldest bestie, her husband, and the wonderful people that made up her bridal party. She summed it up in one picture – definitely worth a thousand words. We were all gathered to relive the weekend of their wedding and celebrate (early) their one year anniversary. Throughout their engagement and their marriage, they’ve emphasized how important the support of their community was/is to their ongoing success as a couple. They are clearly doing something right, so here’s to them!! Love you guys.

But wait! Cleansers not to be forgotten. I also spent the weekend sporadically checking my cell phone and continually being inspired by the group texts going on amongst my cleansers: complaints, plans, encouragement coming from all corners. I think they can also attest to the need for love and support!

But wait! The love and support of others is all well and good, but those are secondary to the love and support that comes from within yourself. You are your best champion.

So, in love and support – stay tuned 🙂



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