This is the ish: mexi potato fry

Oh heeeeeeey everyone! Yep, still alive, just cray cray busy. Life never gives you a moment, huh? But I’m thankful for every busy second of it. The downside is sometimes cooking turns into to quick old stand-by’s that have already been posted or that are shameful and not to be posted at all or a LOT of restaurant food :-/ on that note, there are a ton of restaurants I want to try in San Diego, I’ll try and post more of those as I try them. But when I do have time to cook, sometimes it takes me by surprise and I open my fridge with trepidation and a sense of adventure to see what I can throw together. Here’s what happened last night:
the ish: mexi potato fry
7-10 baby Dutch potatoes, sliced
Olive oil/coconut oil
10ish crimini mushrooms, sliced
1/2 white onion, diced
1/2 red onion diced
Cumin, thyme, piquillo pepper powder
1 can black beans, keep the liquid!
1/2 jar green salsa (tomatillo)
Option: cheese, cilantro, etc

1) heat pan, add just enough oil to cover, place potato slices in a single-ish layer over medium-low heat and cover to steam for 10 minutes or until soft
2) turn up the heat to medium and let the potatoes fry on both sides till brown
3) add mushrooms and onions, toss, add seasoning to taste, cook till onions translucent and mushrooms are done
4) add whole can of black beans and the liquid, crank up the heat, toss, cook off most of the liquid, then stir in salsa
Serve now to keep is vegan like this

5) turn off the heat, top with cheese and cover to melt, then serve like this:

This ish was the bomb diggity. Can’t wait for leftovers!!
Keep on keepin’ on, hombres.

Side note: a friend of mine is going through her own ish and it breaks my heart that she’s in a dark place, so for everyone who knows what that is like, here is one of my favorite nerd quotes:



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