buffalo quinoa bites

Another quinoa bite recipe?!? Yes. Because BUFFALO SAUCE. I just love that spicy, tangy, buffalo-y goodness in my mouth sans the requisite chicken wing/tender or chicken-esque substitute. Enter So Very Blessed Buffalo Chicken Quinoa Bites. What a fabulous idea – basically a quinoa patty with BUFFALO (and chicken but we’ll let that slide). So I […]

test kitchen: mild chili relleno quinoa bites

I can tell how I’m feeling about my life by my desire to cook food as opposed to going out to eat. For the past couple of months my life has been pretty hectic with work, yoga, nutrition stuff, friends leaving the state/country, boyfriend, and my spoiled indoor cat, Flower, who now enjoys a raw […]

Curry Chickpea Salad

I have been waiting to try to make a chicken-less version of chicken salad forever, especially after Emily made her delicious curry chicken salad at the bridal party bonanza, complete with homemade curry mayo. Terrifying. Well last night I took the plunge. Success!! It turned out sooooooo tasty and I believe will be even better […]