broccoli parmesan fritters

Am I on a posting roll or what? With the craziness that has been the last couple months beginning to simmer down, I’ve tried to sit back and think about needs versus wants, what makes me happy, and how I’m supposed to go about prioritizing all these things. Strictly need to stay alive is easy: food/water, shelter, and transportation in order to get to the job that pays for the food/water and shelter. Then there’s the gray area of wanting versus needing the types of food and location/type of shelter. From there you move to healthcare – which, in my opinion, includes my yoga and arguably riding horses as well, both from a physical and mental standpoint – clothing, activities, etc. Then to definite wants: eating out at nice restaurants, buying lululemon yoga clothes, the list goes on. And what of social needs? They get tangled up in the web of want versus need as well. Do you have to go out to grab a bite with that friend or could you actually stay in and cook? Anyway, I’ve come down on the side of doing what makes me happy as falling into the probably need category and actually, things that make me unhappy into the want category. In fact, the act of wanting I think leads to unhappiness- if you are wanting, it means you are lacking, and in reality I lack for no things, I lack for no people, I lack for no activity, perhaps all I lack is a fulfilling job/work environment but to supports life, I work this job. Someday I’ll figure out a game plan for it all to come together, but today probably isn’t that day – and that’s ok! (Another thing I’m working on: no one has all the answers all the time. Sometimes you just gotta go with it. Maybe. I suppose. We’re getting there…)

Onward to happy! And what makes my tastebuds happy? Delicious food. I love eating, cooking, and especially sharing meals with people. I think sharing meals tops the list. And so does cheese. I know dairy is less than ideal, but hey, let’s go with happy tastebuds and deal with mucous fallout later (I’ve found that’s only an issue with liquid dairy products. For my self anyway). And sneaking in vegetables as seen in my Buffalo Quinoa Bites. Enter Smitten Kitchen with her delicious recipe for Broccoli Parmesan Fritters. Wowza, these things were so good with the lemony garlic yogurt sauce, I couldn’t get enough! She has made me a fritters convert. I also went ahead and made these gluten free using pistachio flour. Hold on to your tastebuds.

Broccoli Parm Fritters
3 cups chopped broccoli – I used the florets from a just under 1 lb organic broccoli
1 egg
1/2 cup pistachio flour
Hefty 1/3 cup Parm for fritter mix
1/4 cup Parm to roll fritter before cooking for extra Parm crusty goodness
1-2 cloves garlic, minced
Dash salt
Black pepper and/or red chili flakes to taste- surprise! I used both
Oil for frying

1) steam broccoli till tender
2) while that is steaming, add egg to bowl and lightly beat (like you were gonna scramble it), add everything else
3) add slightly cooled broccoli
4) preheat over medium your pan of choice – as close to cast iron as you can get! Then add oil
5) mash broccoli with potato masher to small chunks and finish combining ingredients
6) once oil is hot (spots if you sprinkle water), make handful sized fritter balls, roll in Parm, place in pan, mush with spatula, fry till crispy.
7) flip, fry till crispy, place on paper towel, serve immediately or keep in warm oven
8) repeat


To serve:
Love the idea of a poached egg with these, but I ran out of umph last night and Nate doesn’t like them anyway. But, this sauce is essential:
Lemony Garlic Yogurt Sauce
~1 cup plain Greek yogurt (I used 7 oz)
1 small lemon – all juice and half the zest
1 clove garlic, minced
Mix it all together

Get ready for some SERIOUS yum factor. And I think you could replace the broccoli in these with just about anything.

We are them last night with some roasted potatoes. I think an egg and quinoa would have been a better choice.



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