morning routine

Morning routines. Everyone has one. Or at least has a “this is what I do when I get out of bed be it 7 am or noon.”. But for those of us on the 5-day work/school-week grind there’s a definite order to the day. Too often our days start out with an alarm and then it’s a mad dash to go to the restroom, brush your teeth, wash your face, brush your hair or shower all at the same time while simultaneously herding bags, pets, children, partners and ourselves to the kitchen and out the door choking down a cup if caffeine and skipping breakfast entirely. Whew, I’m tired just typing that up. But do you see yourself in any of that?

You have to do what works for you and your everyday life. Is any of your morning really working for you? Yes, yes some of it is out of your control but YOU are in your control. So let’s start there. And let’s start with water. Good, pure water should start your day every day, at least 8 ounces before anything else enters your body. If you can swing it, I’d also recommend a probiotic taken with your big glass of (room temp!) water. The water serves to reawaken your internal system. While you stretch (yessss stretch every morning! At least arms over head in a good morning, new day kind of thing!) and pop your muscles and joints and blink your eyes, the water does the same to your digestive and other internal tracts. Add in the probiotic to foster healthy, helper bacteria along these body-process-highways and you’re off to a good start!

After your water and probiotic – about half an hour- then start the rest of your ingestion for the day. Coffee or tea if that’s you, or a glass of juice, green drink, or a smoothie along with breakfast (if your smoothie isn’t breakfast). Consuming calories in the morning jump starts your metabolism. If you wait till lunch to wake up your fat burners, think of how many hours of fat burning your missing! A healthy, nutrient dense breakfast is your second step to a healthy day. I also take my vitamins with my breakfast to keep my tummy happy.

Now how does this look in real life? Try it on and see.


How does it look in my real life? Awake with my radio alarm (after 8 hours of sleep or I’m a zombie, I know it might seem impossible but try to make sleep a priority), maybe snooze for 10 minutes before the cat demands breakfast. Out of bed stretch on my way to the bathroom. Brush my teeth while feeding that cat and putting breakfast (bran muffin, fruit, vega protein bar) and lunch into my bag to eat at work. Wash my face/”do my hair”, get dressed in as much yoga clothing as I can get away with at my business-professional-dress-required-job. Stuff whatever other yoga clothes I’ll need in my bag, get in my truck and head to work. 20-40 minutes latter at my desk, go fill my company cold cup from outlet filtered water and pound it out on the balcony of the third floor (try to breathe in as much fresh air as I can!). Hit the restroom again – hello! water wake up call. Take probiotic. Get my work day organized and started, eat my breakfast and make my earl gray. Take my vitamins with another full cup of water. And there you have it Tori’s workday morning!

Every morning I try to remember that each day is special and not to take my time here for granted:


MindBodyGreen just posted an awesome article about three ways to start your morning off great and I just LOVE it! Check it out:
3 Simple Ways to Start Each Day Off Right


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