baked brie and fresh figs

I love figs with cheese and combining my new found love of figs with my eternal love of baked Brie was a no-brainer!

Before that, let me just put a disclaimer out on my photos. They are… TERRIBLE. I know this. You know this. Hopefully you’ve learned that the photos are just there while the recipe is the reason you’re here. Ok. Moving on.

Anyway, one of my favorite restaurants in San Diego is Enoteca Adriano (I’ll do a real post on that soon) and they make burrata (baby mozzarella) salads using awesome ingredients from sweet to savory and hands down mine and Nate’s favorite has been a special they did with fresh figs, peaches, with honey and balsamic. Holy moly we (I) licked the plate clean. You think I’m joking… In an attempt to save my dignity I decided to try this at home. With Brie for me and regular mozzarella (and tomatoes (and prosciutto) for Nate). Hello! Fresh figs by the basket at the La Jolla farmer’s market! I learned: get black mission figs, they are pink and sweet and juicy.

Baked Brie with Fresh Figs
Brie wheel (or mozerella)
5-10 ripe black mission figs
Any other fruit or veggie (Asian pear, tomato, bell pepper, apple, peaches, cucumber…)
Honey to taste
Balsamic to taste (I used a cherry balsamic)
French baguette

1) place Brie in a baking dish, make cross cross slices in the top, at 350 for 12-15 minutes
2) while the Brie bakes, rinse and slice figs (and anything else
3) slice and toast the baguette
4) when Brie is done, drizzle with honey and balsamic
5) serve Brie and toppings separately (as shown) or plate the whole thing and top with figs and bread on the side!

I do apologize for the rushed photo. Last minute saw a movie before dinner and got home muuuuuch later than anticipated! Oh, and I made this a work-lunch by bringing the left over Brie and a pear 🙂 tastes just as good cold as hot!!



4 thoughts on “baked brie and fresh figs

  1. ooo we have a fig tree growing in our community garden and i have been running out of things to do with them! a couple weeks ago i stuffed them with goat cheese, wrapped in bacon, baked for 10 mins, and drizzled with balsamic. it’d be yummy without the bacon – you should try! i’m going to do this baked brie situation tomorrow night when we have friends over 🙂 thanks!

    • Those baked figs sound totally mouth-watering! I am envious of your community garden and it having a fig tree! I definitely need to do some research into that around here…

      Let me know how the baked Brie goes over with your guests! Please take a photo as yours will undoubtedly be prettier than my thrown together at 9:40 at night and half-eaten already photo!

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