busy is a four letter word


My amazing and wise friend Annie pinned that image recently and I had to share. Busy. Why do we value being busy so much? When something bad happens people will say “well, at least you’re/she’s/he’s keeping busy” when really it’s a desperate struggle to fill a void without anyone noticing or feeling bad for you. When I have down time, I instantly feel guilty for not working on or cleaning or just doing anything but nothing (where my lapsed Catholics at? You know what I’m talking about.)

Having things to do, hobbies you love, a job or career, friends, partners, family, pets, and all those time consuming outlets is awesome and TOTALLY necessary. And I am so very blessed in that respect, please don’t think I don’t know that and thank the universe for the too many wonderful thongs and beings in my life. But being overwhelmed by “keeping busy” is as bad as being overwhelmed by the lack of any motivation or things to keep you busy. As always, it’s about balance. But let’s try using other words instead of busy. Busy is overwhelming. Once busy describes your day, weekend, week, month… It’s too much. If you can use words like active, outgoing, social, or fun then you’re on the right track! Take a day or two to even introduce words like restorative, meditative, quiet, and in-going. Yes. In-going: staying in, looking inside yourself to see how you’re doing, taking care of your home, journaling, clearing out mental clutter.

Difficult? Maybe. Guilt worthy? Resoundingly not. I’m notorious for overpacking every minute of my life with activities, events, school, classes, work, etc etc. You too?? Well, join me as fall approaches to slow down, appreciate each moment, and see how much brighter each day can be.


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