don't drink the soda

I won’t bore you with all the bad things you already know about soda/pop/cola whatever you’d like to call it. You know there’s too much sugar or scary fake sugars, it leaches calcium out of bones and teeth, uses nasty chemical ingredients and dyes, makes you gain weight/retain water/bloat/have gas, requires a serious amount of […]

baking fail: fiasco or fab?

Monday I read the Blondies post by Joy the Baker and was suddenly inspired to do what Nate had been asking me to do for a looooong time. Bake! I’m not a baker. I’m unnaturally bad at baking. I make batter, I bake it, I usually get sick of it half-way there, then can’t wait […]

broccoli pasta sauce

I’m a blogger. As a blogger, I have some serious blog envy of smitten kitchen and joy the baker . I check these beautiful blogs daily for recipes, inspiration, and laughs. I’m often envious of Emily’s blog, Cheaper than Wisdom, with its witty name, heart-warming stories, paleo dishes, and spot-on observations. They say imitation is […]

Israeli spicy tomato poached eggs: shakshuka

Both my weekend mornings started out with my favorite peach ginger tea, reading by natural sunlight, snuggled up with my two sleeping loves (that would by my cat and my boyfriend). I’m not sure it gets any better when I wake up at 7 and normal people are still sleeping. This weekend involved some serious […]