cafe bleu

I love food, whether I cook it, you cook it, or an actual chef cooks it, I’ll probably eat it. I’ve also found that food is best when it’s enjoyed. If you eat in a bad mood, food may not sit as well and you might not even be absorbing as much of the nutrients into your body! The best way to enjoy food? With friends! Even if those friends happen to be Olivia Benson and Elliot Stabler as you watch another Law&Order: SVU marathon. Or maybe amazing friends like these:
canapés and wallflowers

Thanks Ali May, for the photo!

I got together with them last night for wine, champagne for Ali, and delicious food at Cafe Bleu in the Mission Hills area of San Diego followed by The Perks of Being a Wallflower at a local independent theatre. If you’ve read the book or if you want to or even if you don’t, I highly recommend this combination for a low-key and awesome night out!

Back to the food and wine. The happy hour is great with actually delicious choices of food and wine available at happy hour prices till 6 pm. We managed to try ALL if the happy hour reds and I can honestly recommend ALL of them. Kudos, Cafe Bleu. For sustenance we had the daily large canapé selection that they tailor made for the two veggies in the group without complaint, a grilled fall veggie polenta, and GENIUS Brie en crouté

Brie wrapped in puff pastry, topped with dried/candied fruit and a red wine reduction. I could have eaten every bite. Delicious as a treat for a night out, but at home I recommend a lighter version here or here.

The restaurant is small and takes reservations, which I recommend just in case. Super cute and open with a variety of seating choices from chairs to sofas and a seriously amazing staff. It’s really a complete experience!

All in all, a total success and I can’t wait to go back! Be sure to like them on Facebook so you can snag a buzz word for special deals!

Happy dining.


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