don't drink the soda

I won’t bore you with all the bad things you already know about soda/pop/cola whatever you’d like to call it. You know there’s too much sugar or scary fake sugars, it leaches calcium out of bones and teeth, uses nasty chemical ingredients and dyes, makes you gain weight/retain water/bloat/have gas, requires a serious amount of energy to force carbonate the liquid, and resides often in plastic bottles with unknown content or aluminum cans which can be recycled but not reused immediately. Ah, I said I wouldn’t do that.

So, what do you drink instead? Water, obviously, but that gets boring and why not drink something that is thirst quenching AND can give you much needed nutrients? Enter coconut water and kombucha.

Coconut water and I have a tenuous relationship. I can only get down the Zico dark chocolate flavored one that contains coconut water, chocolate, coconut cream, and cane sugar. Coconut water hydrates and replaces electrolytes better that Gatorade and offers more than water. If you can drink it or add it to smoothies without the added chocolate or sweetener, pleeeeease do! I have definitely noticed a difference between days I hydrate with even the chocolate coconut water an hour before a heated yoga class and just drinking regular water. Try it. You’ll like it.

Kombucha is fermented sweet tea that contains a culture of bacteria and yeast. It even has a little bit of alcohol but is considered non-alcoholic generally speaking in marketed forms, though some classic kombucha requires you to be 21! Party on, Wayne! Anyway, kombucha is nutrient rich with phytonutrients and active cultures like you’d find in yogurt, except without the dairy! Hooray! They taste amazing and have a naturally effervescent quality due to the fermentation that rivals the carbonation you crave from soda. Most are naturally flavored with organic juices and extracts. Try drinking one, you’ll feel better, cross my heart and hope to die. I’ve even found one that replaces the ginger ale that is so sadly near and dear to my heart. Try the Synergy Gingerade Kombucha

Yum yum yum. I was so happy to have finally discovered an alternative for my go-to tummy ache, cold, headache reliever that is actually helping me to recover! And it comes in a handy reusable glass bottle!! Kombucha is also a good alternative to your morning coffee or, let’s face it, your afternoon cup as you doze at your desk. Try replacing one or both with a kombucha (or coconut water I suppose) and see how it goes!

Oh, and don’t be scared if your kombucha has floaties, those are the active cultures – just ignore the bottom of the bottle! While you want to shake the heck out if coconut water, don’t shake the kombucha or it will explode its goodness all over you (insert joke).

Let me know how it goes!

Even anthropologie is getting in on the Kombucha action with this home brew kit!
If you do this, you must report back!!


3 thoughts on “don't drink the soda

  1. Tori! I am a huge fan of both kombucha and coconut water. I found an awesome drink by Kevita it is a coconut water kombucha! It is so yummy. Kevita has different flavors to choose from. ๐Ÿ™‚

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