tacos and voting

Indecision is sort of my way of life. I’m constantly living in a state of choosing, we all are. Soy, almond, cow, sheep, hemp? Republican, Democrat, Green? To buy the amazingly on sale Kate Spade pants and skirt or not? Then waiting to long, the pants sell out, you panic don’t order skirt then regret it all the next day as you reflect on your absentee ballot that you mailed last week, drinking a pumpkin spice chai latte with almond milk in the over-air-conditioned office you work at to pay for the possibility of the skirt, the overpriced (DELICIOUS) tea drink, and whine about making choices. No? Just me? Well, fine.

What’s most important is that we HAVE the right and the opportunity to even make choices. For me growing up the idea of not having choices was foreign. I was treated as an adult with the advent of my first tooth and was expected to act accordingly. But it wasn’t so long ago that women were giving their lives to have the opportunity to put shoes on, get out of the kitchen, and go vote! Or at least to have the right to choose whether or not to vote, wear shoes, cook, clean, become mothers, high powered executives, military servicewomen, not become mothers, confirmed bachelorettes, or any such combination. So, in all, go exercise YOUR right to make decisions for yourself, your community, your county.

Oh, and make tacos. Basically an American food staple, especially in San Diego, thank you melting pot and our proximity to the border. So, when you can’t decide what to make, take whatever is in the fridge, chop it up, cook as needed in a smidgen of olive oil, stick it in a corn tortilla/rice tortilla/lettuce cup, top with hot salsa, cheese (I know I know, the evils of dairy), lime, cilantro, and fresh diced red or yellow or white or green onions then stuff it in your face with cheap beer.

Potato Squash Tacos
A couple diced Yukon potatoes
A small/medium crookneck squash, diced
Jalapeño, seeded and diced
Smidge olive oil
Cumin/salt/pepper to taste
1 can black beans, drained and heated
Shredded jack cheese
Diced red onion
Avocado slices
Cilantro, chopped
Salsa (la Victoria Salsa Brava)

1) pan fry potatoes, by this I mean barely coat your skillet, get it hot, put your potatoes in and get them nice and golden brown, turn down the heat and cook almost through
2) add squash and jalapeño, cook till squash is done, add spices, heat the black beans in a pot

3) take tortillas and warm them over your gas burners if you have them or in the oven in low heat – you can hang them over the racks to make fresh formed shell-ish tacos
4) put it all together in a taco and top with whatever you want
5) consume.

Enjoy, vote, live! Olé!



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