paddle board Bliss, books, and a new look

If you visit the site it might be starting to look a little different! Most noticeably a new format and a new name. As I’m growing and evolving I want my blog to follow suit. “gather.” Is something I hope to grow into the blog, nutrition consultation, yoga instruction, and anywhere else my true life takes me: “spherically and with childish enthusiasm” – Under the Tuscan Sun, one of my favorite movies of all time.

With that in mind I took my play and practice out onto the ocean with the Mermaids of Paddle Board Bliss

I participated in their 4-day intensive teacher training program and it took my practice and instruction to a higher level. The ocean is an amazing equalizer, you must work with her for balance and strength as she build you up and breaks you down in waves to find your truest self.



I can’t emphasize how truly inspiring the teachers (Amelia and Taylor – the owner) and participants were and am so excited to see how much Bliss grows and where the teachers take their practice. I can only say to all of you, take your practice to the water with SUP (stand up paddle) and yoga! You can find me on this beautiful board!


If you want to come paddle with us at Paddle Board Bliss in San Diego or Laguna, use the discount code ‘tori’ for 10% off! Or maybe you want to get deep into it and participate in an upcoming teacher training? Just let me know!

As I’ve come into my practice I’ve been resonating with a sentiment from a book I’m currently reading City of Women. The main character, Sigrid, feels she’s living her true life, that feels false, on one side of a mirror and her false life, that feels true, on the other. Her “real” life is the everyday loveless, passionless expected life, her “false” life is driven by passion and expression. Why do we all feel so trapped in our “real” lives? While my home, play, and practice life feel truer and more Blissed and Blessed than ever, being trapped at a desk certainly does not feel like the true life I should be leading. But when there are bills to pay and mouths to feed it’s hard to take risks. For now, I’m learning to Bliss everywhere by finding Blissful moments in the dullest/scariest/toughest/unlikely places.

Check out City of Women here:



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