a small note

Hi out there.

I just returned from traveling with my mom to the Galápagos Islands off the coast of Ecuador. AMAZING. Post and pictures to follow.

However, I returned right smack in front of the holidays and the emotional energy required feels a little overwhelming. While away I realized again how much you need to focus energy on what and who makes you happy: yoga, riding, cooking, reading, Flower, good people, and family. I’m naturally an extroverted person but it’s only recently I’ve realized the energetic toll of that and the consequences of not recharging.

Today I was so inspired reading joy the baker. Her post shine bright really just captured my feeling of “everything is so much” and the importance of choosing to be happy and taking baby steps each day to make that happen. Ashley sparked that last night at our 6th Painting and Vino nee Art Uncorked.


Drinking our tradition Dave Matthews Dreaming Tree red wine that makes us feel artsy and cozy


She brought up her New Years resolutions, something I’ve been staunchly/unknowingly avoiding, and one of them was so true and real I have to copy it and share with you. Create yourself a box, divide it into months, fill it with index cards for the days of the month, date each card January 1 etc at the top then the first line you write 2013 and something that made you happy/smile that day, and every day! After the year, you start over and the next line on the card is for 2014 and so on.

Sheer inspirational, yogi, lovely, sparkly genius. I’m so glad to have her in my life and I challenge you all to do this with me. Take the time to do this for yourself, for your heart, for your soul.

More soon. Love. Namaste.

My box 🙂



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