edit. organize. prioritize.

edit. organize. prioritize.

This shall be my mantra as 2013 dutifully marches on day by day. This was put into practice over the weekend as the ongoing merging of two people’s stuff into a tiny apartment finally resulted in the donation of 5 bags of stuff (mostly consisting of my clothes), finally putting my 110 DVD’s into a brick red polka dot fabric box because the DVD specific organizers are insanely overpriced, and doling out furniture that no longer served in the apartment (Ashley’s cat Marley inherited Flower’s cat tree; the alley got Nate’s old desk and some of my crappy shelving).


Creating a useful, comfy, and inviting space is on my priority list. Editing is an ongoing process driven by prioritizing and completed by organizing. Hooray.

What’s on your priority list? How can you get there?

My next priority? Cooking delicious and mostly healthy things. Like Baked Bree’s Bruschetta Pasta. Ali first made this at our first Girl’s Night at her house:


and YUM. Which IS saying something because raw tomatoes and I are not friends. It’s the texture of the seedy part. Gives me the ick. But wait, add a TON of garlic (about triple (or more…) from Bree’s recipe), mozzarella, Parm, and fresh herbs? Ok I can deal. But wait, add my own OCD and enabling boyfriend who helps me halve mini heirloom tomatoes, scoop out the seeds, then cut them into tiny chunks that my picky brain can process?? Amazing. Would your boyfriend do that for you? If the answer is no, find a new one. Because that, my friends, is love.

Ok. Moving on. Any way you slice it (seed it, chop it), this recipe is bomb fresh and warm or leftover and cold for work lunch. Winner.

Bruschetta Pasta
2-ish cups small tomatoes (cherry, heirloom organic) prepared however your heart desires
1/3 cup olive oil
3 Tbs red wine vinegar
1-10 garlic cloves minced (yes. 10.)
8 oz mozzarella, chopped into chunks
1 roasted red bell pepper, diced
Salt and pepper
1/2 cup + fresh basil, chopped
1/4 cup + fresh parsley, chopped
1 package gluten-free pasta in a shape that will hold all the goodness (orrichiette (means “ear” I’m Italian!), shells, what-have-you)
1//3 cup pine nuts, toast them, I dare you
Parm to garnish

1) combine all ingredients except pasta, pine nuts, and fresh herbs to marinate for half an hour or so. (start with the liquids, s/p, and garlic, then add the rest)
2) make your pasta according to directions
3) I hate ribbons of herbs so I food processor chopped my basil and parsley and added to my marinating magic bowl

4) add in pasta and pine nuts. Toss well and serve topped with Parm, extra herbs, and (for Nate) bonus tomatoes


And have a glass of Peacock Cellars 2010 Temperanillo. Heaven.


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