pura vida bliss

Check our yours truly reflecting on my paddle yoga retreat to Costa Rica with the mermaids (and mermen!) of Paddle Board Bliss in my pura vida post!

Yep, that was my life for 12 days. I am unbelievably blessed. And so are you. Go out and get blissed.

Now, while the food in the Galapagos kept me alive, the food in Costa Rica was so much more. It ranged from so fresh and simple we literally picked it off a tree in the yard to so gourmet it came out of a five-star kitchen that has their own cheese goats. Real.

And that really is a reflection of my experience in Costa Rica, all the best things in life in an incredibly rural setting.

A typical day for me included breakfast and dinner at the beautiful Hotel Villa Deevena:
Breakfast: poached eggs with avocado, iced cafe, and a virgin piña colada with my roomie Lisa


Ready to charge the day (or recover from an insanely windy early morning paddle that resulted in my subsequent rescue by Javier – a totally amazing adventure guide in Playa Negra!)

Lunch is pictured in the Bliss post because my camera (…iPhone) stayed safely within the courtyard at Villa Deevena. It mainly consisted of fresh things thrown together with more fresh things with something spicy on top. Perfecto.

And dinner. Ohhhhh my. Stacked salads, delightful risottos, and irresistible gnocchi. And wine.





I guess there was also dessert. OF COURSE THERE WAS


Our in country guide Trevor couldn’t get enough lava cake!

Whew. That adventure was full in so many ways 🙂

2013. Year of the water snake. Let’s do this.

If you want to come paddle with us at Paddle Board Bliss in San Diego or Laguna, use the discount code ‘tori’ for 10% off! Or maybe you want to get deep into it and participate in an upcoming teacher training? Just let me know!


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