not-cheese pesto pizza

Veganism. Let’s talk about it. True vegans eat no animal products nor do they wear them. This includes meat, dairy, eggs, honey (from bees!), leather, and silk (from a worm!). Insects are animals? I don’t know, no? I know that I smoosh fleas and Mosquitos and get out of my house flies and spiders or I might smoosh sick my cat on you so she can devour you while after chasing you around! That said, I’ll keep my honey and silk I think.

So then, leather, dairy, eggs. I ride horses and honestly there’s not a lot of quality non-leather gear. There are a few brands but the quality just isn’t there. I’d (sadly) rather but one very high-quality leather piece to last me several years (if not decades) than a plastic derivative every year. I think that makes sense from an environmental stand point too. Eggs – I get them from happy hippies at farmers markets with chickens named rainbow and moonbeam who are going to lay eggs anyway. Health-wise the egg has wonderful upsides but animal based protein is also questionable. I just finished reading The China Study and am still processing the amount if information. To sum it up: eat a plant based diet with less than 5-10% animal protein, especially dairy it seems. Therefore, I embark upon my pseudo-ovo-leather-honey-silk-veganism. What? Plant based diet + some eggs. Yes.

And I’m gonna do it probably by cheating and making things like pizza with not-cheese cheese. I know, I know. A lot of them have carageenan and weird ingredients and are pricey and so many other things. You know what else is pricey? Hospital bills. And you can actually find some not-cheese that tastes good and isn’t made from weird things! Check out daiya vegan cheeses, pricey but made with real food and with this stuff it’s about the suggestion of cheese. Real talk? It’s not going to taste like ooey gooey cheese from your favorite pizza joint. So don’t try and make it be that way. Just enjoy the hint and move on. And it totally works.

Note: pickled curry garlic. I got it at my farmer’s market and it’s totally bomb. Find it. Love it.

not-cheese pesto pizza
Ingredients: for two
Pizza dough for 12 inch pizza – use your favorite, I’m on a quest to make easy or buy pre made gluten-free, any suggestions??
Pesto to cover dough
Olive oil
Vegan mozzarella
Roasted red peppers – sliced
Red onion – sliced super thin
Green onion – chopped
Pickled curry garlic – diced
Arugula or mixed greens to top

Prep: oven to 450
1) prepare dough according to your recipe or the back of the package
2) on a flour coated surface roll or stretch to desired shape then place on olive oiled baking sheet or pizza stone
3) spread pesto (thin with oil if needed)
4) add cheese
5) add everything else except the greens

6) bake for 20-25 minutes, checking every 7 minutes or so
7) slice, top with greens
8) devour


So yummy. So simple.


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