ramen and sesame soy broccoli

This weekend was ragingly busy and equally as awesome. Teaching riding lessons, yoga sculpt teacher training graduation (!), and three days of the BRIDAL BRIGADE BEACH HOUSE BONANZA II. What is that? It’s the entire wedding party bridal brigade from my BFF’s wedding getting together, renting a beach house, buying at least 30 avocados, enough […]

tea can do many things…

… but it can’t bring back the dead – Death at a Funeral The original British version is one of my favorite movies of all time. Quirky Bristish humor and The Imp from Game of Thrones before he was The Imp. Love. I also love tea. Let’s talk about two things for terrific tea: temperature […]

when family recipes become vegetarian: shelley’s chicken parmesan

so, for Nate’s birthday I had his mom send me her recipes for his favorite meals. I chose one that could be easily vegetarian by subbing portobello mushrooms for chicken in her chicken parmesan recipe. I felt a litte bad when she emailed me the recipes and asked me not to judge her because they […]


I have a confession: I’m a superhero. How do I know this? Because I wear yoga clothes under my work clothes so I can be ready for yoga at a moment’s notice. Just like Clark Kent with his Superman suit. Clearly, I am a yoga superhero and my superhero name is Dressing in layers like […]

upcycle your leftovers

‘Upcycle’ is the upgraded version of ‘recycle’, as in you’re going to repurpose something and make it better. People upcycle things like old clothes, furniture, art, etc. and that’s awesome. Let’s upcycle our leftovers. Not to hate on leftovers, but I mostly hate leftovers. Unless it’s soup. So I’ve been on a mission to keep […]