upcycle your leftovers

‘Upcycle’ is the upgraded version of ‘recycle’, as in you’re going to repurpose something and make it better. People upcycle things like old clothes, furniture, art, etc. and that’s awesome. Let’s upcycle our leftovers. Not to hate on leftovers, but I mostly hate leftovers. Unless it’s soup. So I’ve been on a mission to keep the fridge clear by consciously choosing to use (or freeze) my leftovers. Freezing doesn’t always work, some things should never be cooked, frozen, and reheated (especially in a microwave) i.e. asparagus.

But I want my leftovers to be delicious rather than making me hate them. I made the chickpea burgers and they TOTALLY transformed into an amazing wrap that came together in a few minutes. I threw the burger in a pan and roughly crumbled it. Then while that reheated I used half a leftover bell pepper, a quarter if some forgotten onion, a spoonful of veganaise, some poultry seasoning, a dill pickle, and lettuce mix to accompany my now falafel like crumbled burger in a wrap! On the still warm pan I lightly toasted the wrap on both sides. Holy moly talk about upcycled leftovers.


Seriously yummy. Leftover roasted veggies become tacos, or taco veggies become salad tippers for work the next day. Leftover pasta gets tossed with a simple vinaigrette (bottled or homemade!) and whatever veggies are available and maybe an olive or two for lunch at work or for an impromptu picnic. Not that I’ve ever had an impromptu picnic. I’d like to. But now I can’t even plan it because then it’s no longer a cute impromptu picnic, just a plain picnic. Which, I suppose, would do just fine.

You see what I mean? Leftovers can be upcycled into whole new yummy meals and even ideas for outings. Hooray!

What are your favorite ways to upcycle leftovers? Does anyone use an online meal planner that has an app too?

Also, thanks to Annie and Ashley, I made this my background on all three of my work screens. I suggest you do the same.



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