tea can do many things…

… but it can’t bring back the dead – Death at a Funeral

The original British version is one of my favorite movies of all time. Quirky Bristish humor and The Imp from Game of Thrones before he was The Imp.


Love. I also love tea. Let’s talk about two things for terrific tea: temperature and timing.

Awhile ago, Emily gave me the best piece of advice. I wanted to get on the green tea train but just couldn’t seem to choke the lightly green, mostly bitter liquid down. I asked Emily about it – as she was my tea guru at the time, she gave my the best steeper ever and some amazing loose leaf teas – and she asked what temperature I was steeping the tea at. What? I was steeping it at hot water temperature, duh. Apparently, I was actually burning the tea leaves by using water that was way too hot. “Green tea is sensitive to temperature, black tea to time.” Black tea needs hotter water for full bodied tea, but too long and it loses it’s delicious.

The moral of the story? On nice tea tins and bags it’ll tell you a temperature for your tea. And handy electric kettles make it super easy to get the water temp right. These are my general guidelines:
Green: 170, however long you like
Black – English Breakfast : 212, 1-2 minutes
Black – Earl Grey or others: 212, 3-5 minutes
Herbal: least fussy of the bunch, use whatever temp and however long

Thank goodness for best friends and good tea.

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