a long pause

So my beautiful friend Ali took the plunge to start her own blog called The House and The Hen (linked to her Esty shop of the same name) detailing out her rural San Diego life. And it’s totally beautiful and I can’t wait to see how it grows. 

Naturally, this made me think of my own abandoned blog. I had such high hopes and such terrible pictures. I’ve never let the dream totally go but have been stumped on where to take it. Things have changed since my last post (hello chicken in the diet!) so it wouldn’t be the same, this little corner of the internet, as when you last saw it. 

I toyed with deleting all past posts (again, have you seen the pictures?) but that feels… disingenuous somehow. Those posts represent who I was, where I was, and the hope of what could be. 

Moving forward there are so many questions: is the art of the blog dying? am I up to revamping it? what do I write about? who is going to read it? who am I to put such things on the internet? 

I suppose we shall find out together. 


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