Cleansing done, let's party!

Congratulations to my dear yogis for completing their cleanse journey! They did a wonderful job and really took away the core goal of the cleanse: conscious eating. I believe the majority of the battle with food is that a lot of people mindlessly eat things “because I’ve always eaten them” or “that’s the way mom […]

Love and Support

I think I’ve said it before, I’ve definitely thought it, so if you haven’t heard it here it is: love and support are the salt and pepper of life. Pretty much every recipe calls for salt and pepper to taste: salt for enhancement and preservation (we all need a little!); pepper to kick things up […]

Cleansing week 1 down, Fasting day 2

For first time cleansers, the first week seems crazy hard. Then you start the three day juice/broth fast and you realize, wow clean eating is a piece of cake compared to this! Talk about mind over matter. The three day fast is a concrete example of will power and dedication, above and beyond just eating […]

It's About That Time Again! Let's Cleanse…

Hi Foodies, Yogis, Fellow Potential Cleansers! Spring is in the air and the beach is around the corner! Let’s kick the last of our holiday related bad habits and leftovers (seriously, some of our holiday indulgences are still stored in your fat cells and stuck in your digestive tract. ick). Today myself and three beautiful […]