tea can do many things…

… but it can’t bring back the dead – Death at a Funeral The original British version is one of my favorite movies of all time. Quirky Bristish humor and The Imp from Game of Thrones before he was The Imp. Love. I also love tea. Let’s talk about two things for terrific tea: temperature […]

love your love

Yes yes today is Valentine’s Day and it’s about love. I know you might want to insert a snarky remark about commercial holidays and singles awareness day, but stop yourself! Let’s make Valentine’s Day about love. Not just romantic love but all the love you experience in your life: friends, family, pets, co-workers, significant others, […]

pura vida bliss

Check our yours truly reflecting on my paddle yoga retreat to Costa Rica with the mermaids (and mermen!) of Paddle Board Bliss in my pura vida post! Yep, that was my life for 12 days. I am unbelievably blessed. And so are you. Go out and get blissed. Now, while the food in the Galapagos […]

edit. organize. prioritize.

edit. organize. prioritize. This shall be my mantra as 2013 dutifully marches on day by day. This was put into practice over the weekend as the ongoing merging of two people’s stuff into a tiny apartment finally resulted in the donation of 5 bags of stuff (mostly consisting of my clothes), finally putting my 110 […]

challenge accepted

Let’s make it a good one. I rang in 2013 with Nate, my good friend Ali, and her charming family at Ali’s house with food, laughs, games, fancy dresses, fancy champagne cocktails, and moonshine. A good time was had by all. New Year’s Day was spent lazing around, reading books (me), playing Playstation basketball (Nate), […]

a small note

Hi out there. I just returned from traveling with my mom to the Gal├ípagos Islands off the coast of Ecuador. AMAZING. Post and pictures to follow. However, I returned right smack in front of the holidays and the emotional energy required feels a little overwhelming. While away I realized again how much you need to […]

paddle board Bliss, books, and a new look

If you visit the site it might be starting to look a little different! Most noticeably a new format and a new name. As I’m growing and evolving I want my blog to follow suit. “gather.” Is something I hope to grow into the blog, nutrition consultation, yoga instruction, and anywhere else my true life […]