a long pause

So my beautiful friend Ali took the plunge to start her own blog called The House and The Hen (linked to her Esty shop of the same name) detailing out her rural San Diego life. And it’s totally beautiful and I can’t wait to see how it grows.  Naturally, this made me think of my own abandoned […]


I have a confession: I’m a superhero. How do I know this? Because I wear yoga clothes under my work clothes so I can be ready for yoga at a moment’s notice. Just like Clark Kent with his Superman suit. Clearly, I am a yoga superhero and my superhero name is Dressing in layers like […]

best oven fries ever and spicy BBQ chickpea burgers

I have made a discovery! Her name is Angela and she writes an amazing vegan food blog, oh she glows. Am I late to the oh she glows party? Maybe. But better late than never, right? Besides being vegan, she addresses a lot of other dietary concerns in her recipes including gluten-free, paleo, etc. She […]

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