upcycle your leftovers

‘Upcycle’ is the upgraded version of ‘recycle’, as in you’re going to repurpose something and make it better. People upcycle things like old clothes, furniture, art, etc. and that’s awesome. Let’s upcycle our leftovers. Not to hate on leftovers, but I mostly hate leftovers. Unless it’s soup. So I’ve been on a mission to keep […]

chipotle fig glazed lentil walnut loaf

You want some truth? I’m a bit of a food blog addict. I love them. And when I find a new one I obsessively cook from it. Today it’s another one of Angela’s recipes: glazed lentil walnut apple loaf! Mmmm it was delicious. I think Nate liked it more than I did! My favorite meatloaf […]

edit. organize. prioritize.

edit. organize. prioritize. This shall be my mantra as 2013 dutifully marches on day by day. This was put into practice over the weekend as the ongoing merging of two people’s stuff into a tiny apartment finally resulted in the donation of 5 bags of stuff (mostly consisting of my clothes), finally putting my 110 […]

Curry Chickpea Salad

I have been waiting to try to make a chicken-less version of chicken salad forever, especially after Emily made her delicious curry chicken salad at the bridal party bonanza, complete with homemade curry mayo. Terrifying. Well last night I took the plunge. Success!! It turned out sooooooo tasty and I believe will be even better […]

KALE. Finally delicious.

Another Monday, another recipe. This one inspired and coached through by my lovely bestie Emily (Spanky) at Cheaper Than Wisdom for her Lemon-Feta Chard. I was so excited when I read her blog post because I am painfully picky and it’s really hard to get dark leafy greens regularly into my diet. This does the […]