challenge accepted

Let’s make it a good one. I rang in 2013 with Nate, my good friend Ali, and her charming family at Ali’s house with food, laughs, games, fancy dresses, fancy champagne cocktails, and moonshine. A good time was had by all. New Year’s Day was spent lazing around, reading books (me), playing Playstation basketball (Nate), […]

Variations on a theme

Oh heeeeeey! As you may have noticed, I use the TJ’s roasted red pepper and tomato soup a lot. Here’s another recipe similar to my other baked burritos, except with quinoa! Quinoa and Caramelized Onion Enchiladas Ingredients: Half carton TJ’s roasted red pepper and tomato soup 2 cans chopped green chiles 6 large tortillas 1 […]

Semi-Homemade Pizza. Easy, Impressive, Delicious

What I have come to love about making homemade pizza is that you can put just about anything your heart desires on pizza dough, put it in the oven and 10 minutes later you have a fabulous culinary creation. Pizza doesn’t have to consist of plain dough, tomato sauce, cheese and possible some vegetables on […]

Everything But The Kitchen Sink Gourmet Tacos

London invited me over for dinner on Thursday night, but had not yet planned what we were going to eat when I arrived. I guess I was feeling inspired by the portobello mushrooms from Smash’s on Wednesday, so I suggested we make portobello tacos. Not only did I suggest dinner, I took over the kitchen […]