coconut ginger noodle soup

I love coconut soup, especially tom kha from Thai restaurants. However, every time I’d get it, sick city. Invariably these soups are made with the fish sauce traditional recipes call for. Duh. I was so relieved it wasn’t the coconut milk i was sensitive to! So I was determined to make my own version we […]

ramen and sesame soy broccoli

This weekend was ragingly busy and equally as awesome. Teaching riding lessons, yoga sculpt teacher training graduation (!), and three days of the BRIDAL BRIGADE BEACH HOUSE BONANZA II. What is that? It’s the entire wedding party bridal brigade from my BFF’s wedding getting together, renting a beach house, buying at least 30 avocados, enough […]

Carrot Ginger Rice for Lunch

After a weekend filled with riding with Smash and London (check out our barn and trainer!, lunch dates, horse show, and mani/pedi’s without much cooking tonight I realized I didn’t have anything to take with me for lunch tomorrow and was looking for something easy and delicious to use up my farmer’s market carrots. […]