when family recipes become vegetarian: shelley’s chicken parmesan

so, for Nate’s birthday I had his mom send me her recipes for his favorite meals. I chose one that could be easily vegetarian by subbing portobello mushrooms for chicken in her chicken parmesan recipe. I felt a litte bad when she emailed me the recipes and asked me not to judge her because they […]

4 ingredient tomato sauce and savory polenta

The Internet is littered with food blogs and every so often a recipe comes sweeping through the blogosphere to resounding approval. Marcella Hazan’s Famous Tomato Sauce has been doing that over and over for years. Apparently I’ve been living under a rock and not doing my archive diving duty and totally missed it until joy […]

spinach and artichoke heart lasagna tolls

Part two of my Pinterest inspired dinner: Lasagna Rolls inspired by Never Trust A Skinny Cook. I had to change it up to suit the likes/dislikes of my household, and there are many. I don’t like big, stringy pieces of cooked spinach, Nate doesn’t like ricotta (what?), we both really like cheese but I cannot […]