ramen and sesame soy broccoli

This weekend was ragingly busy and equally as awesome. Teaching riding lessons, yoga sculpt teacher training graduation (!), and three days of the BRIDAL BRIGADE BEACH HOUSE BONANZA II. What is that? It’s the entire wedding party bridal brigade from my BFF’s wedding getting together, renting a beach house, buying at least 30 avocados, enough […]

4 ingredient tomato sauce and savory polenta

The Internet is littered with food blogs and every so often a recipe comes sweeping through the blogosphere to resounding approval. Marcella Hazan’s Famous Tomato Sauce has been doing that over and over for years. Apparently I’ve been living under a rock and not doing my archive diving duty and totally missed it until joy […]

Israeli spicy tomato poached eggs: shakshuka

Both my weekend mornings started out with my favorite peach ginger tea, reading by natural sunlight, snuggled up with my two sleeping loves (that would by my cat and my boyfriend). I’m not sure it gets any better when I wake up at 7 and normal people are still sleeping. This weekend involved some serious […]

buffalo quinoa bites

Another quinoa bite recipe?!? Yes. Because BUFFALO SAUCE. I just love that spicy, tangy, buffalo-y goodness in my mouth sans the requisite chicken wing/tender or chicken-esque substitute. Enter So Very Blessed Buffalo Chicken Quinoa Bites. What a fabulous idea – basically a quinoa patty with BUFFALO (and chicken but we’ll let that slide). So I […]