when family recipes become vegetarian: shelley’s chicken parmesan

so, for Nate’s birthday I had his mom send me her recipes for his favorite meals. I chose one that could be easily vegetarian by subbing portobello mushrooms for chicken in her chicken parmesan recipe. I felt a litte bad when she emailed me the recipes and asked me not to judge her because they […]

Vegan and Gluten Free Tacos

¡Hola, Foodies! While reinventing the wheel can be fun and challenging, sometimes I like to revisit old recipes, throw them together, and see what happens. In this case I took my gourmet tacos and taos without tortillas and rolled them together, made them healthy, GF, and vegan 🙂 pretty much avocado is the key to […]

Everything But The Kitchen Sink Gourmet Tacos

London invited me over for dinner on Thursday night, but had not yet planned what we were going to eat when I arrived. I guess I was feeling inspired by the portobello mushrooms from Smash’s on Wednesday, so I suggested we make portobello tacos. Not only did I suggest dinner, I took over the kitchen […]