chipotle sweet potato chili

I may or may not start putting chipotle peppers in everything. First and foremost, they add a deep, delicious, smoky heat to food. Second, they come canned in adobo sauce with several peppers and one-two usually is enough for a dish, so I’ve got chipotle peppers to spare! Yes, I froze them, but I’d rather […]

4 ingredient tomato sauce and savory polenta

The Internet is littered with food blogs and every so often a recipe comes sweeping through the blogosphere to resounding approval. Marcella Hazan’s Famous Tomato Sauce has been doing that over and over for years. Apparently I’ve been living under a rock and not doing my archive diving duty and totally missed it until joy […]

grey lady

When I get in my {new} car and it tells me the temperature outside is below 65, the seat warmers immediately are set to 2. Yes, 1 is not enough, and 3 might burn your backside unless its truly freezing. But when it’s cold and my day starts with amazing music? Cut Me Some Slack […]

edit. organize. prioritize.

edit. organize. prioritize. This shall be my mantra as 2013 dutifully marches on day by day. This was put into practice over the weekend as the ongoing merging of two people’s stuff into a tiny apartment finally resulted in the donation of 5 bags of stuff (mostly consisting of my clothes), finally putting my 110 […]

challenge accepted

Let’s make it a good one. I rang in 2013 with Nate, my good friend Ali, and her charming family at Ali’s house with food, laughs, games, fancy dresses, fancy champagne cocktails, and moonshine. A good time was had by all. New Year’s Day was spent lazing around, reading books (me), playing Playstation basketball (Nate), […]